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First live demo of Blippar on Google Glass at MWC

First live demo of Blippar on Google Glass at MWC

Excited gasps rippled across Barcelona today when our CEO showed the first live demo of the Blippar app on Google Glass.

Our groundbreaking double act, showcased at 2014 Mobile World Congress, enables users to unlock exclusive content from images, products and even people… without needing a mobile phone. 

Forbes called us a ‘killer app’ that gave purpose to Google Glass. Not that we’re boasting, or anything…

Our CEO Rish strapped on the optical head-mounted smartphone-like hands-free equipment (no wonder they shortened it to Glass, eh?) to debut its functionality.

Blippar is the first platform to enable image-recognition technology on the device, so the audience was impressed - and not just because Rish looked so fetching in the Glass. 

He said: ‘Glass today can be likened to what mobile phones were in early nineties. We at Blippar anticipate that if Glass reaches a couple million users in its first year of launch, it will be a good business opportunity for us to develop in the space. We are investing in the potential of Glass.’

 Watch this space…

Here is a quick teaser of the presentation.

‘Blippar has come a long way in a short time’ - Techcrunch

‘A step towards making augmented reality seamless and mainstream’ - Fast Company

‘A startup offering a possibility for a killer app’ - Forbes

‘The technology animates objects and print pages. A bit like a-ha’s Take On Me video’ Adage

Minority Report-style advertising’ - Daily Mail

CEO demo



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