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Blippar wins the Most Effective Mobile Augmented Reality campaign's why?

It’s not about good tech… it’s about good campaigns. So the debate has raged.  ‘AR is the future and will be ‘worth however many billion by 20whenever’  vs. ‘AR is a novelty gimmick’.  ‘AR is the cool new marketing tool’ vs. ‘AR is a fad’. Irrespective about how I feel in my personal vendetta against  this horrible, meaningless catch all term- ‘augmented reality’ (now hijacked to mean anything that involves the camera of the device)…  of course it’s cool!  We know that and wouldn’t be in the business we are unless we believed that, but all this hype is ultimately irrelevant if it doesn’t get results – and finally, they’re coming through publicly. Blippar was thrilled last night to win an award, not for our tech or ‘promise’ but for tangible results with a client – the fabulous Stylist Magazine.  Last night we won the Most Effective Mobile Marketing Award for Best Campaign utilising Augmented Reality and it’s a thrilling milestone.  Not just for us, but the future of this as a marketing medium as we’re celebrating results and not tech per se. Blippar wins most effective mobile augmented reality campaign with Stylist olympic issue As you will have seen from the publicly released interactive Stylist Olympic edition results the reader conversion was tremendous, and followed quickly by the most successful interactive print campaign ever with Shortlist (with many more public case-studies now in the pipeline – watch this space).    Yes, it works.  Our top campaigns receive 100s of 1000s of interactions because we work them hard with, and for our clients.  We understand what content to suggest, how to educate a consumer on what to do and why based on vast amounts of statistical analysis we do with blipp data. Besides awareness, technically we have build the blippar app to be user-friendly and small enough to download over 3G, that welcomes users to their experience.  We know how to do this because  sometimes we’ve learnt the hard way how not to!  Trial and error.  Testing and reporting. blippar team of Stephen Shaw, Jess Butcher, James Shepherd at mobile marketing awards For reference, my preferred definition is ‘Visual Discovery’.  It’s not about how you unlock something in the physical world for additional content or how the content response might appear to ‘float’ as if in the real world.  It’s about what that content experience is and what it delivers…   education, utility or value (or if possible, all three).   None of these responses need necessarily to be ‘augmented’ – a mobile web page or downloadable m-coupon can deliver them just as easily. This is the future, and only our single-platform, 'verbed' (to 'blipp')  model delivers that– by tirelessly learning from each and every campaign and recycling that knowledge for better conversion with each successive client. Welcome to a future where Visual Discovery unlocks something worthwhile and delights a reader or consumer. Stop ‘augmenting’ and start ‘visually discovering’ and unlocking the world for proper content, not novelty experiences.   Here ends the lesson.   Blog by Jessica Butcher, CMO


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